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Jouer à The Blue Connection

18/11/2019Jouer à The Blue Connection  


Blue Connection 18_11

Découvrez la nouvelle simulation stratégique d'entreprise qui vous fera vivre les défis et les opportunités de la transition du
management linéaire traditionnel au management circulaire et responsable de vos supply chains


Evolving Industry 4.0: Circular Supply Chain & Connected Manufacturing

To get us into the right mindset for the Symposium, we are offering the chance to take part in The Blue Connection circular economy strategy game: a hands-on competitive simulation exploring a circular business model. During the “Discover The Blue Connection Session,” participants will play the first rounds of the game. Working in groups of four, teams will act as the management team of a manufacturing company, designing and executing a circular strategy and business model. What will be your value proposition? And how are you going to translate this to your product design, supplier policy, your internal and external capacities, your bank relation and service proposition?

Join this discovery session and experience The Blue Connection yourself! This is as close to reality as you can get.
Learn more about the game here:

Tarif: 150€


Cette journée sera intégrée dans le cadre d'un événement organisé sur 2 jours, les 19 et 20 novembre, par GE Digital Foundry:

Evolving Industry 4.0: Circular Supply Chain & Connected Manufacturing



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